May 12, 2011

proof whisky, another man’s treasure, Vol. 33

With recent sunny skies and temperatures soaring well above 10 degrees, do we dare hose down the plastic furniture and migrate our living space to the outdoors? I optimistically say – YES! Let’s tidy up the backyard and open patios for business.
After this cleanup we can follow another spring ritual and either host or visit a yard sale. An outdoor clearance is a great way to purge junk or find more treasure to add to the mass of clutter. Unfortunately, most yard sales heat-up in the wee hours of the morning, so if dragging yourself out of bed at this ungodly hour is not an option, there is still hope. Many pre-loved goodies can be found at a few key locations around the city. Today we are off on a scavenger hunt for vintage barware. Enjoy this recycled classic, ‘the proof is in the collins' from your now-tidy patio. To learn more about our brand visit Become a friend on Facebook and Twitter to get last minute updates on tastings, parties & events.

proof is in the collins - 2 oz proof whisky - 1 oz fresh lemon juice – 1 oz simple syrup – 5 oz soda water – 1 slice lemon
Shake 2 oz proof whisky, 1 oz lemon juice and 1 oz simple syrup in an ice-filled shaker. Strain into an ice-filled Collins glass. 
Top with soda and garnish with a lemon wheel or wedge.

For a hit of colour, we used a 2007 Ritzenhoff beer glass, designed by Bruno Gregori. There is no rule against serving a cocktail in a beer glass. Mix-it-up and have some fun with your glassware. Set your table with a variety of mix-n-match favourites. Bergo, located in the Distillery District carries a good selection of Ritzenhoff products. (  Distillery District)

Ritzenhoff features more than 280 designers from all over the world – architects, designers and artists along with comic illustrators, advertisers, illustrators, interior designers, set designers and sculptors. They all contribute their own style and differing working methods to an endless variety of ideas – thus Ritzenhoff has created a minor encyclopaedia of contemporary design on glass. (

After a winter of mall shopping and stuffy department stores, we are in need of some colour and excitement, and so today, we are thinking outside the Crate and Barrel box and going on a little barware scavenger hunt through the city. With Toronto’s great cultural pockets and quirky boutiques there are many good reasons to hit the streets.

Let’s start at Morba in the West end. Located on the south side of Queen Street, just West of Bathurst, this modern-day curiosity shop stores an eclectic mix of both vintage and new furniture and home accessories. 

You can easily lose an hour in this design-conscious museum because anywhere you look, you will see an interesting display or detail. 

Although packed with a LOT of stock, every wall, floor, ceiling in this warehouse is designed to perfection. 
(  665-667 Queen West)

A little further West, BYOB Cocktail Emporium carries a great selection of retro glassware, French absinthe fountains, spray-paint shakers and many other kooky bar-related gadgets! 

Their merchandise is creatively displayed at this spacious Trinity-Bellwoods location. (  972 Queen Street West)

In the East...When you walk into Ethel’s you may get the feeling that you are walking into your parent’s 1960s rec room. (but in a good way) Ethel stocks a funky range of mid-century modern furniture, vintage glassware and accessories. 
(  1091 Queen St. E)

Although these two retailers sell new goods, their shelves are just cluttered enough to give you the illusion of antiquing. Here, we found a great selection of glassware, shakers and juice and syrup bottles. ( 231 King St. E) (Nikolaou Restaurant Equipment Ltd.  629 Queen Street West)

If you know of any other vintage glass or barware shops – let us know! 
We are always looking for new glassware, ideas and interesting places to visit. You can comment here, on FB, twitter or drop us an email us at

If you are in Oakville tomorrow evening, pop into the LCBO for a Barwick Estates Pinot Noir (LCBO #215194) or Crush Sauvignon Semillon Blanc (LCBO #215673) tasting with proof brands inc. proprietor Michael Riley. August Ninth will also be there serving a delicious fresh white-wine risotto. ( If you miss Friday’s tasting, check out the Summerhill LCBO for a recap tasting on Saturday. There will be wine-spiked apple pie. (

Weekend Forecast:
Saturday: High of 19 degrees and rain :(
Sunday: High of 15 degrees and rain :(

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