June 21, 2012

proof rum, F as in Frank Vol. 90

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citrus snap 1 ½ oz proof rum • ½ oz fresh lime juice • 2 oz orange juice • 3 oz lemon-lime soda
To an ice-filled glass, add 1 ½ oz proof rum, ½ oz lime juice and 2 oz orange juice. Top with 3 oz lemon-lime soda & garnish with a lime.


This month’s FY Ink, F as in Frank, Get Fresh Company and Lostinthewillderness.com
Thursday night event will take place at F as in Frank. proof drinks will be served. Doors open after 8pm. No cover. Bring your I.D. (www.foreveryongeink.com, http://getfreshcompany.comhttp://www.lostinthewillderness.com/blog/)


Born and raised in Ontario, Jesse and Drew Heifetz grew up in an environment heavily inspired by vintage clothing. Their father, David Heifetz, was a strong influence, having been involved in the vintage clothing business himself since 1969. Considered one of the originators of the used clothing business, David even sold clothing at Woodstock!

With memories of jumping off rafters into giant piles of vintage Levi’s as children, the two have been surrounded by vintage clothing their whole lives. They have developed their family-orientated business right from the heart. (418 Queen Street West https://fasinfrankvintage.com)


F as in Frank has created its own line of clothing. “Snap Reconstructive Sergery is inspired by the craft of making the old new. Each garment worked with inspires the creation of a new modern design. When designing new pieces we take into careful consideration how to maximize utilization of our materials helping to greatly reduce the amount of clothing going into our landfills. Our current Snap Collection draws on inspiration from the casual western wear of the 1970's and the much loved distressed denims of the 1980's.” (www.fasinfrankvintage.com/snap)

Weekend Forecast
Saturday: Mainly sunny and a high of 25 degrees
Sunday: Possible showers and a high of 25 degrees