December 9, 2013

proof whisky, Men Essentials, Vol. 140

Our shopping continues with a trip to the MenEssentials shop on the Danforth. ‘Like’ us on FB until December 24th for your chance to win a bottle of Portland General Store Whisky Aftershave. For more details visit our Facebook page. 
For more information on proof brands visit

the essential 2 oz proof whisky • ¼ oz cinnamon simple syrup • 1 or 2 ice drops
Add proof whisky and cinnamon simple syrup to a shaker filled with ice. Shake vigorously and pour over 1 or 2 ice-drops

Last week, we served drinks at MenEssentials where they were launching their own brand new line of Men Essentials Grooming products. From prestigious colognes and skin care products, MenEssentials caters to every man’s grooming needs.

"Many products are made from natural ingredients that offer a healthy alternative to commercially available shaving and skin care products." 

One of our favourite products is the Portland General Store Whiskey Shave Soap & Aftershave (we are giving away a bottle of the aftershave, like us on Facebook for your chance to win)

"We've created a space where men are able to comfortably shop for products that are designed just for them," says Harman. "MenEssentials is the place where men can not only shop, but also learn about their skin care and grooming."

Here are some of their Canadian Exclusives: Gentlemen’s Tonic from the UK, and local Toronto lines — Elvado, Crown and Rebels Refinery. ( 412 Danforth Avenue, Toronto – Chester Subway)


If you have not yet picked up your bottle of proof whisky at the LCBO don’t worry, there are still some bonus ‘x’ or ‘o’ ceramic ice drops available, free with your purchase.

iceDrops are ceramic drink chillers that come in many cool shapes. 
Visit to find out everything about ice drops.

Don’t’ forget, to visit the Toronto Christmas Market at the Distillery ( It runs until December 15th.

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