May 23, 2013

proof whisky, spice it up, Vol. 134

Starting Wednesday, May 29th every bottle of proof whisky will have a Spice Trader DIY packet of spices attached, along with this great proof spiced whisky recipe. For more information on proof brands visit

the spiced pear 1 ½ oz proof spiced whisky • 1 tsp fresh lemon juice • 4 oz Ceres Pear Juice
Add all ingredients to an ice-filled cocktail shaker. Shake and strain into a glass filled with ice. Garnish with a pear slice.

For the next month, we are doing a special promo with the Spice Trader. Pick up your bottle of proof whisky at the LCBO and receive a DIY spice pack and instructions on how to make your own natural spiced proof whisky. The packet comes with the best quality star anise, cinnamon, allspice, cloves and vanilla bean. Just drop it in your bottle of proof, let sit for 3-5 days and enjoy on the rocks or in one of our many great cocktails.

Spice Trader offers one of the greatest selections of fresh and organic spices in the city. “Organic Spices can be surprisingly affordable, and will make a tremendous difference in your cooking.

We buy all our herbs and spices in small batches so they are always fresh and at their peak. We do not sell any other brand of herbs and spices. We mix and prepare most of our blends by hand. All of our spices are packed in our own air tight Spice Trader tins, which helps to keep them as fresh as possible”

The Spice Trader is located almost directly across the street from Trinity Bellwoods Park. When entering the shop, you are greeted by a warm, but not overpowering essence of spice. The tall wooden shelves are lined with olive green tins filed with top quality spices. Various sets, organized by region (Italian, Moroccan, Provence), make ‘perfect’ hostess or Christmas gifts for just about anyone. The shop also carries a great assortment of salts, oils, vinegars, truffles, tapenades and cookbooks.
(   877 Queen Street West).

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