May 2, 2013

proof whisky, trip to Portugal, Vol. 131

proof not only produces our own family of spirits, but we are agent to other great products. Last week, we were invited to Portugal to visit several vinho verde vineyards looking for Canadian Agents. We had to spend the week tasting wine in Porto – yes, tough life. Our trip inspired this delicious north American version of a sangria recipe – sangria is a favourite with the Portuguese. For more information on proof brands please visit

golden sangria single 1 oz proof whisky • 3 oz white wine • 1 oz peach juice • 1 oz apricot juice • 2 oz ginger beer

To a wine goblet with ice, add proof whisky, white wine, peach juice, apricot juice and ginger beer. Add chopped lemon, limes and any other seasonal fruit.

pitcher 4 oz proof whisky • 1 1/4 cups white wine • ½ cup peach juice • 1/2 cup apricot juice • 3/4 cup ginger beer

To glasses, add ice, chopped lemon, limes and any other seasonal fruit. Pour into glasses and garnish each with a mint sprig

NOTE: this recipe is just as delicious made with red wine


We thought that it would be fun to share our Porto Itinerary with you:

Monday, April 22nd 1pm - 5pm Arrive in Porto • 7pm Meet in hotel lobby and leave for dinner in New Porto

These are the offices of the Vinho Verde Wine Commission.

Tuesday, April 23rd 9am Arrive at Vinho Verde Wine Commission • 9am - 10am Presentation • 10am - 1pm Grand tasting of wines from producers looking for North American importers & agents • 1:30pm - Lunch • Visit Quinta de Gomariz vineyard • 7:30pm Dinner at Covella Vineyard

Grand tasting of all of the Vinho Verde wines.

This is the Quinta de Gomariz vineyard. They grow their grapes on the fences surrounding the vineyard.

We had our dinner at the Covella Winery. They grilled our food in the outdoor oven and chilled our wine in the baptismal font

Covella Winery

Wednesday, April 24th 9am - 9:30am Arrive at Vinho Verde Wine Commission • 9:30am - 1:30pm One-On-One appointments with producers • 1:30pm Lunch at Vinho Verde Wine Commission • 3pm Visit Quinta de Lourosa • 6:30pm Return to hotel and get ready for dinner • 7pm Meet in hotel lobby and take bus to dinner • 7:30pm – 9:30pm Dinner in historic downtown Porto

Lunch at the Wine Commission

We visited the beautiful Quinta de Lourosa Vineyard. This was the producer.

We had dinner in Old Porto.

Thursday, April 25th 9am Visit Quintos do Homem • 1pm Meet at a restaurant in Vinho Verde region for lunch • 6pm Return to hotel for farewell drinks - free night

Quintos do Homem. You will hopefully soon see some of these wines at the LCBO.

Friday, April 26th Return to Canada

Vinho Verde Medium in alcohol, Vinho Verde has great digestive properties due to its freshness and special qualities. It is a highly regarded wine, specially for Summer drinking. The reds are full-bodied wines with an intense colour and a rosy or light red foam. The whites usually present a lemony or straw colour. The strong distinctive character and originality of these wines are the result of soil and climate characteristics and social-economic agents, on one hand, and of the grape varieties and the vinegrowing methods, on the other. For more information on Vinho Verde (

Weekend Forecast
Saturday: Sunny and a high of 19 degrees
Sunday: Sunny and a high of 20 degrees

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