March 15, 2015

proof whisky, pickles and tea, Vol. 153

Stay happy and healthy with this antioxidant-packed green cocktail. Happy St. Patty’s Day!! For more information on proof brands visit

the emerald city 2 teaspoons matcha • 3/4 cup water • 1/2 cup lightly packed fresh mint leaves, plus a few sprigs for garnish • 
2 tablespoons sugar • 1-2 tablespoons fresh lemon juice • 1/2 cup proof whisky • ice

Place the matcha in a bowl, and gradually work in a tablespoon of the water drop by drop, stirring constantly, until the matcha is a smooth paste. Gradually stir in the rest of the water. Place the mint leaves and sugar in a jar or measuring pitcher, and muddle (using muddler or the back of a wooden spoon) until the sugar is dissolved and the leaves are bruised. Stir in 1 tbsp of lemon juice, and all of the proof whisky & matcha mixture. Strain the mixture into an ice-filled shaker through a fine mesh sieve, pressing on the mint to extract all the flavour. Shake and pour into two ice-filled tumblers and garnish with mint leaves. (we adapted this recipe from You can purchase matcha at most health food stores.

the pickleback Get into the spirit of St. P’s with another popular green drink. A pickleback is when you chase a shot of whisky with a shot of pickle brine. The pickle brine works to neutralize both the taste of the whisky and the burn of the alcohol. It's also sometimes called a Piskey.

history While the origins of a pickle brine chaser are unknown, the term “Pickleback” was introduced to the patrons of The Bushwick Country Club bar in Williamsburg, Brooklyn by Reggie Cunningham in 2006. Also the name of a Facebook petition to see if a Pickle could gain more fans than Nickelback.

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Have fun & stay safe!

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